Join some of the ADVISE partners at the EPRI Conference – NDE in Nuclear 2019 on 25-27 June in Charlotte, NC, USA


Michael LOWE (ICL) and Pierre CALMON (CEA) both plan to attend the EPRI annual Conference (NDE in Nuclear 2019) from 25 to 27 June in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Pierre CALMON will be presenting ADVISE results in Numerical Solutions for UT Modelling of Austenitic Welds Using Dedicated Macroscale Finite Elements Tools on 26 June at 8:20AM (4.B.02).

NDE in Nuclear 2019 will build upon the success of the annual EPRI NDE Technology Week by providing an international conference for NDE professionals from all nuclear utilities, service vendors, inspection equipment manufacturers, research laboratories, and other stakeholders to discuss advancements in the research and application of NDE technologies for the commercial nuclear industry.

The conference will be held over two and a half days. Following the opening plenary session there will be three parallel sessions of oral technical presentations. During the second day all attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the Technology Showcase. The Technology Showcase will take place at the EPRI facilities in Charlotte and will include a tour of the EPRI NDE laboratories, a vendor exhibition, and topical NDE technology talks.