ADVISE H2020 - power plant
Advanced ultrasonic inspection

Work Plan

The ADVISE workplan is divided into seven work packages (WP). WPs 1 to 5 are dealing with the technical aspects of the project. Separate horizontal work packages (WP6 and WP7) are dedicated  to the training and the dissemination and the exploitation activities, as well as to the project strategic and operational management tasks.


Project Management



Comprehension and Modelling



Material characterisation and input data



Advanced inspection methods



Defect evaluation and assisted diagnostics



Integration and application



Dissemination, exploitation and management of innovation


The sequential order of the different work packages reflects the step-wise approach required to successfully implement the project strategy:

WP1 “Comprehension and modelling” (FRAUNHOFER) lays the groundwork by working on the understanding of the impact of a polycrystalline structure on an ultrasonic wave, which is particularly relevant for the experimental access to the microstructure. WP1 also provides the necessary modelling tools and recommendations for their use in the following work packages.

WP2 “Material characterisation and input data” (ICL) builds upon this result to provide the material characteristics, which are required by WP3 and WP4. WP2 explicitly distinguishes the fundamentally different structures of welds and cast components, accordingly handling both macro- and microstructure.

WP3 “Advanced inspection methods” (UoB) targets model-based design of transducers and inspection techniques for coarse grained structures, utilizing tools, knowledge and data developed in the preceding WPs to generate bespoke inspection solutions.

WP4 “Defect evaluation and assisted diagnostics” (CEA) produces the model-based analysis tools to fully exploit the information provided by the tailor-made inspection techniques developed in WP3.

WP5 “Integration and application” (BZN) provides the required glue to assemble and interface the components developed in the preceding WPs, and applies them on a number of industrially relevant cases with increasing complexity. WP5 disrupts the sequential order by providing continuous feedback and experimental benchmark data to WP2 to WP4.

WP6 “Dissemination, exploitation and management of innovation” (EXT) accompanies the project to raise awareness of the project’s results within the nuclear community and prepare and handle the exploitation of these results.

WP7 “Project Management” (EDF), will provide the strategic and operational management of the project during its entire duration and also involves the industrial stakeholders via the IAB to ensure a permanent focus of the project to their needs.