ADVISE Project H2020 - power plant
Safety of Generation II and III reactors


Advanced Inspection of Complex Structures –

ADVISE H2020 - Instrumentation

is a collaborative research project awarded 4.17 Million Euro funding from the European Commission’s EURATOM programme under the Horizon 2020 framework programme for Research and Innovation.


ultrasonic inspection

of complex structured materials

Started in September 2017 and lasting 4 years, ADVISE aims at advancing the ultrasonic inspection of complex structured materials for which conventional ultrasonic techniques suffer from severe performance limitations due to the micro and/or macro-structure.

ADVISE H2020 - Team

The ADVISE project is coordinated by Andreas SCHUMM (Electricité de France) and brings together a multidisciplinary team with complementary expertise of leading experts and key stakeholders covering construction, operation, and all aspects of in-service inspection. They will collaborate for new nuclear power constructions, maintenance of ageing power stations and safe operation of plants at end of life, addressing both Western European and Russian designs. The ADVISE consortium is made of 13 organisations from 6 European countries which include United Kingdom, France, Germany, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Hungary.


The overall objective

of the ADVISE project

is to enhance – and in some cases to enable for the first time – the ultrasonic inspection of complex structures materials in order to improve confidence in and reliability of the inspection of Generation II and III reactors.

Moreover, the ADVISE project aspires to increase the comprehension and modelling of complex structures for accurate prediction, to develop new tools for material characterisation and to provide advanced inspection and defect evaluation methods as well as assisted diagnostics.